As Wertal with our portfolio of adhesives, lubricants, cleaners, maintenan- ce and repair products, industrial and automotive products and our broad network of dealership network, we deliver service to a wide range of industry.

Our aim is to support the operations of our customers by making them more competitive in both actual and potential markets with reduced costs through our reasonable prices which are based on the advantage of our process perfection and sustainability.

Wertal delivers its precious partners swift and trustworthy service with its
wide hands-on experience in industry and R&D and engineering studies in


Wertal has defined competency, professional development and happiness of its employees, market competitiveness and satisfaction of its customers, becoming a leading company in the line of its business, its continuous improvement to realize provision of quality and efficient service within social and environmental awareness as vision.


With high quality products and developed organizational network we aim to increase the competitiveness of our business partners globally by providing them high quality products and worldwide application oriented and prompt services.

We have determined supporting our  business partners in the framework of the vision of accomplishing our sustainable and organizational targets with our policy of continuous improvement in following and contributing to worldwide advancements, with our stuff and management team aware of environmental and social responsibilities as our mission.

Wertal provides fast and reliable service to its valuable partners with its products and
its extensive experience in the sector with R&D and engineering studies in Germany.